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Who Does Microblading?


Once you decide to have microblading done to you, be it because you read about it online, saw something in your favorite T.V. show, or just because someone told you about it, the next question that pops up is “Who does microblading?


I got lucky.

I happened to share a friend with one of the authorities of the artform in the country, so in my case, it was a no-brainer. However, talking with Julia and my friend Patricia I heard a lot of cosmetic-horror stories on the subject that eventually led me to write this post.

So, before we continue, let me get the obligatory warning, and a subject of this post, out of the way: Be careful with whom you choose to carry out this delicate procedure on you!

Although microblading pigments aren’t exactly permanent, they are intended to last for a long, long time; up to two years in the best-case scenario. Furthermore, it’s a procedure that is meant to reshape and modify the appearance of your eyebrows, which are an integral part of how our brains process human faces and determine aspects like proportion, symmetry, and appeal – in short, beauty.

So, a poorly made microblading job is not something you want, and even worse it is not something you can get rid of easily.

Who does microblading?

When you decide to have microblading done, you need to make sure that the place that you choose is legit. This means credited, certified, and experienced staff of professionals in the area of cosmetics that have been formally trained in the art.

Microblading is a more delicate process than other cosmetic jobs you can receive. It involves almost imperceptible incisions so that the pigments can be applied, and this needs to be done over and over again in a natural way that simulates natural hair growth.

But beyond that, there is so much involved in the entire process: choosing the right combination of pigments to go with the client’s natural hair color and skin tone, study the symmetry and proportions of their face to obtain a perfect finish, and controlling the tools and strokes to achieve that flawless execution.

And all of that translates to many opportunities to make costly, long-lasting mistakes that end up in a job poorly done.

So whatever place you choose to do your microblading, make sure they fulfill all the checkmarks above, and have a solid understanding and experience with the discipline to guarantee the best results.

Common misconception – Microblading & Tattooing

By definition, microblading is a form of tattooing, as a pigment is deposited in the dermis to make the pigment last, and the aftercare is relatively similar to that of a tattooed area. However, the similarities end there.

True microblading is a more delicate process than mere tattooing, just being able to understand the right proportions and simulate the natural hair growth requires a deeper understanding of other cosmetic and artistic subjects that not everybody is readily aware of.

This is why on its most artistic form, microblading is made by using manual instruments instead of machines to place the pigments. These precision tools are what give the cosmetics expert the precision and finer detailed control of the process to achieve the perfect finish.

Be very judgmental when you ask yourself Who does microblading?Unlike poorly applied makeup or a bad haircut, this is not something you will get rid of in a day or a few weeks.So making sure the right person is behind the wheels is an essential part of the process.

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