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Julia Anne Milin, Founder - Brow Design International®

Leading American master in the eyebrow microblading technique. Julia has perfected the art of creating perfect symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, and realistic hair strokes using the manual needles.

Julia has trained extensively in Asia and Europe and is now proud to bring this new, cutting-edge technique to the United States.

She is the founder and head of the illustrious Brow Design International®, the leading American academy for microblading training and certification.

“Named New York’s Microblading Guru by ABC’s Good Morning America and Marie Claire Magazine

Julia Anne Milin lives the mission of Brow Design International. She is a natural-born artistic soul with the internal instinct to innovate.

Julia Anne has become one of the nation’s most widely respected microblading artists and instructors. Known for her cutting-edge artistry and one-of-a-kind techniques, Julia Anne Milin continues to set the bar within the microblading realm of the beauty industry. Her distinctive precision and innovational procedures are notably praised. She is labeled as the pioneer of microblading. Being the first microblading clinical offices to open within the Manhattan (and overall tristate area), Brow Design International is recognized as the sole entity responsible for putting this new state-of-the-art procedure on the map. Since the birth of Brow Design International, and later Brow Design Microblading Academy, Julia Anne continues to shape the future of microblading techniques as she consistently reinvents her craft, while simultaneously magnifying the industry standards.

Appearances and Mentions

  • Guest Speaker at the first Tebori Permanent Makeup Conference in the U.K.
  • Featured Master Artist at the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America
  • Guest Artist at The Red Carpet Beauty Lounge at the 2017 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles
  • Featured in New York Magazine
  • Featured in Big City Magazine

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Julia Anne Milin, Founder - Brow Design International®

Since the official launch of the company in the Summer of 2015, Brow Design International has undeniably held the reputation of remaining the leading American company for manual permanent makeup; most-respected for the specialization of eyebrow microblading procedures, and microblading training. Founded by Julia Anne Milin, a nationally acclaimed PMU Artist, and Beauty Influencer, the core mission of Brow Design is to discover and embrace the ‘internal’ characteristics of the client. A seemingly contradictory point-of-view, considering this is an industry solely focused on ‘external beauty’ factors. According to Julia Anne Milin, your mission is accomplished when you have given a client something extraordinary that they never imagined would become a reality…such as a custom authentic new pair of eyebrows! Julia Anne Milin describes her work as the product of “what should have been”. She applies this theory as the foundation of her practice and has never failed to consistently deliver an end-result that perfectly mirror’s the client’s absolute vision of their best self.

10 Business Lessons We Learned From Julia Anne Milin, Founder of Brow Design International®

Julia Anne Milin is an opera singer who left the stage to start a successful microblading career. Today’s post is the first of a new monthly series here on the blog: Interviews of successful professionals in the Microblading and Permanent Makeup industry. We’re calling it “Spotlight Success.”

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