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Course Duration: 3 Days

Nano Brows are the next generation hairstrokes for permanent eyebrow tattooing.  Nano Brows created the most realistic hairstrokes, while maintaining safety for the skin.

Our instructor has been training in Nano Brows since 2017, having trained in Europe where it all started.  Learn the most advanced techniques in the world!


Introduction to Nano Brows

  • Definition and overview of nano brows
  • The benefits of nano brows compared to other eyebrow techniques
  • Explanation of the nano brows procedure


Understanding Eyebrow Anatomy

  • Introduction to the structure and shape of eyebrows
  • Different eyebrow shapes and their effects on facial appearance
  • Identifying suitable eyebrow shapes for



Color Theory and Pigments

  • Basics of color theory and its application to nano brows
  • Understanding different pigment types and their characteristics
  • Choosing the right pigment for clients’ skin tones
  • Color correction techniques


Nano Brows Techniques: Machine Method

  • Introduction to the machine method for nano brows
  • Understanding the different machine types and needle configurations
  • Demonstrating the machine method for creating hair-like strokes
  • Adjusting machine settings for optimal results





Live Model Practice

  • Hands-on practice with a live model under supervision
  • Implementing proper brow mapping and design techniques
  • Applying nano brows using the machine method
  • Finalizing and perfecting the nano brows procedure


Nano Brows Procedure

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the nano brows procedure
  • Numbing techniques and pain management
  • Proper depth and pressure control for implanting pigments
  • Aftercare instructions for clients
Woman with light eyebrows smiling from receiving nanp brows eyebrow tattoo

2024 Nano Brows Training Schedule

Don't Get Left Behind!

The beauty industry changes quickly.  The microblading craze has run its course, and now Nano Brows has taken center stage.  Are you ready to jump?

Microblading Master Julianna Milin