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Nano Brows is the Ultimate Training Course in Permanent Eyebrows!

Open to Microblading artists wanting to take the next step to learn with the Micropigmentation device or experienced Permanent Makeup Artists.   Beginning artists welcome, no previous experience

Woman missing part of eyebrows fixed with eyebrow tattoo

Work on Live Models

All students practice on live models during class under direct instructor supervision.

Woman with light eyebrows smiling from receiving nanp brows eyebrow tattoo

Work on All Skin Types

Learn color theory and how to apply what colors on all skin types.

Nano brows instructor teaching young woman on live models

Extensive Training

5-day intensive training to get you prepared to start working on clients

Brow Design Instructors

All students will learn:

  1. Shaping and Symmetry
  2. Hair-strokes with Device – NanoBrows
  3. Choosing the Best Color for your Client
  4. Correcting Shape – When to Correct and When to Remove
  5. How to Take the Best Photos
  6. Lighting for Optimal Working and Photography
  7. Work on Live Models
  8. For Experienced PMU and Microblading Artists as well as beginners.

Let’s connect today!

Zoom consultations with Julianna to learn more about how Nano Brows can help you accelerate your path in the beauty industry.

Training that actually works

Live Model Practice

  • Hands-on practice with a live model under supervision
  • Implementing proper brow mapping and design techniques
  • Applying nano brows using the machine method
  • Finalizing and perfecting the nano brows procedure

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First in Time

Brow Design was one of the first permanent makeup training companies to successfully train thousands of permanent makeup artists in the United States for advanced permanent makeup techniques.

Learn the freshest, cutting edge techniques from Europe and Asia.  Julia Anne Milin has extensively traveled the world to bring the best products and techniques to the USA.

2024 Nano Brows Training

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