Student Testimonials

Shahad Alsaid

I trained in April 2016, Julia is an excellent teacher for these important reasons.
1) Other centers/trainers do not stress on eyebrow pattern as much as Julia does. A brow pattern can either make you or break you if you’re looking to become successful. She emphasized her pattern technique through out the entire learning process and that is what I’m most thankful for because it makes my work stand out comparing to all my competetors.
2) Other places do not offer the extremely quick communication serval months prior and post the class period. I have been in touch with Julia through FB till now which is about 7 months later and she still helps and teaches me new information. She is commited to her words and her students. Julia is passionate and it shows.
3) Her course is a reasonable price and with practice and talent you will make your money back easily and in a short period of time.
Thank you Julia for doing what you do best, and the only reason anyone would not recommend your company would just be out of fear that you might be over saturating the microblading industry with talented people.

Allison Krnavek

I had a great experience with Brow Design! The precourse material is great, the information provided is exactly what you need to know to be successful with microblading. I would recommend this course to everyone! As I already do! I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Julia, Connie, and Erika! All truly great hardworking people!

Raquel Schaar

I took my class with Julia in November and I think it was great! The information was complete and with the support online and Karina Weller, I was able to review what I was taught. I am open for business and very glad my first training was with Brow Design! Thank you Julia!

Kassity Shepherd

I took the training course in October 2016 with Kate in Indiana and I had a great experience! As a beginner, all the pre-course information and practice materials were so helpful to get your feet wet before the course and made it less overwhelming. The three day class was super informative and hands on. We also got a lot of one on one help with Kate because they have such small classes. After the course, I was very excited about this new journey and eager to practice and get better. And the online support post class is awesome because we can get feedback on our fake skins and practice models to improve our skills, and they are there to answer any questions we run into. Brow design definitely gives you all the tools to be a great microblading artist if you are willing to put in the hard work and practice! Overall great program!!

Angela Moebus

Not only is Julia an excellent microblading artist, she is also an outstanding instructor. I know this because I’ve had my practically non-existent eyebrows fixed by her and I have taken her Brow Design course. Julia is dedicated to her students learning proper microblading technique. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and passionate about her craft as well. I am so happy with my eyebrows now and I’m excited to be working torward my certification with Brow Design International. If you want beautiful brows or if you want to learn how to create beautiful brows for others, look no further than Brow Design International.

Nikki McBee Lasley

Took Julia’s hands on class in June but was so excited to receive the literature and practice materials several months earlier so I could start practicing that way not showing up to June course completely blind. Julia is an amazing artist, most definitely an impeccable choice when trying to factor out the good from the bad trainers. Even after training she still helps via email with any issues that may arise or just to help with a pep talk here or there when needed

Ruth Wang Armistead

It took months to decide where I was going for my 2nd training. My original microblading training was complete in Asia in 2015 but I felt that there are so much more that I can learn to perfect my craft. I chose Brow Design International because of Julia’s business ethics and what she stands for in this industry. I took the training in Atlanta in January with Katrin Waller –
I have no regrets! This comany is amazing.

Tara Messina

I flew from NY to Dallas to train with Julia at Brow Design Academy. Best decision ever!! She provided a very thorough course which included all the fundamentals needed to get started. Additionally Brow Design Academy provides continuing online education and much needed support after training. I highly recommend Brow Design!!