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Eyebrow “embroidery” – or microblading – is a process of adding semi-permanent ink to the eyebrows using tiny incisions to mimic eyebrow hairs, giving brows a fuller appearance.

The technique is popular among some celebrities, including actress Bella Thorne, who documented her transformation on Snapchat this summer.

Julia Milin of Brow Design International says the process is in high demand.

“It’s caught fire already but now it’s really starting to get huge,” Milin said.

According to Milin, the process starts with sketching the brows with a pencil, then application of a topical numbing agent before beginning the microblading process, which involves making tiny scratches on the surface of the skin, then injecting a temporary dye that fades over time. The dye lasts between 1 and 3 years.

Julia Anne Milin of Brow Design International and New York’s microblading guru studied extensively in Serbia, Asia, and Korea before returning to America and honing her talents for all eyebrow patterns and skin types. She walked me through the process from basic brow to microbladed goddess.

Over the past year, microblading has taken Instagram (and celebrity eyebrows) by storm. It’s impossible to have missed the countless videos of flawless brows created with short, precise strokes streaming across your feed. I was instantly mesmerized by the natural look and, for the sake of my eyebrow game and beauty research to impart on the world, I decided to dive in.

My eyebrows have never been a problem, but they required ten minutes of pencil and gel every morning to reach peak fleek-ness. After years of waxing there wasn’t much I could do to make them grow. While I worked hard to perfect my own eyebrow beat, microblading quickly became the beckoning call to upgrade it all together.

The technique is not new, but has only become popular in the Western Hemisphere over the past two years. Prior to that, women across Asia indulged in this particular form of eyebrow artistry for upwards of 25 years before it spread to Russia and the rest of Europe. The results can last up to two years with minimal maintenance and is a more natural-looking alternative to traditional permanent makeup.

Beauty lovers know the face-framing, transformative power of brows, but with all the brow-ha-ha about bold arches these days, they’ve become a topic of conversation for even casual beauty browsers. From temporary fixes such as penciling and shading in sparse spots to permanent makeup, there are countless ways to get better brows. But, daily drawing and permanent makeup tattoos aside, there’s a new method of eyebrow filling that is catching on fast: Microblading.

Unlike permanent makeup which uses a vibrating needle, microblading uses a manual pen-like tool to deposit color close to the surface of the skin for natural-looking fill. This semi-permanent treatment creates natural-looking brows that last for six months to a year. Various salons we researched price the treatment at $700-$1200.

We talked to microblading artist Julia Anne Milin of Brow Design International to get all the details about this treatment and why people are clamoring to have it done.

Julia Anne Milin lives the mission of Brow Design International. She is a natural born artistic soul with the internal instinct to innovate. As a native New Yorker, Julia Anne grew up well-rounded, with an eclectic outlook on life. Born as the only child to an American Mother and a Father of Croatian decent, her childhood was spent between both New York City and Houston, Texas. Julia Anne’s artistic intuition began to develop at a very young age. Her desire to create quickly awakened early traits of what she would soon discover extraordinary talents.

She began to acquire a strong taste for music, and a prodigious passion for the violin. It didn’t take long before her voice began to develop into a dynamic instrument, attracting the
attention of many. Considering she had been studying classical music and opera for a majority of her teenage years, she decided to audition for the FAME High School of Performing Arts. Naturally, she was accepted. Julia Anne had a very different set of priorities than most of the
other girls her age. Her taste in high-fashion and beauty began to align with her passions, and she started to develop her own eclectic style; always putting on the best quality makeup and skincare products.

The Brow Design® International microblading method was discovered by founder Julia Anne Milin, after years of apprenticeships, experience, and experimentation. After continuing to see the ‘standard’ procedure that the majority of microblading professionals were similarly using, Julia Anne was determined to create a technique that would produce a single unique result for each client, individually……….

And she has a long list of pleased clients for all her craftsmanship and hard work. All this craftsmanship and artistry is done at Brow Design International, the first microblading clinical office in the tri-state area. Brow Design International is recognized as the sole entity responsible for putting this new state-of-the-art procedure on the map. Since the birth of Brow Design International, and later Brow Design Microblading Academy, Julia Anne continues to shape the future of microblading techniques as she consistently reinvents her craft, while simultaneously magnifying the industry standards.

—William S. Gooch

She garnered the name “The Brow Singer” for a reason. International operatic soprano Julia Milin shares her exotic life and how spending time on stage has helped her succeed in business. 

Featured on Good Morning America this CEO of Brow Design International has been a pioneer of PMU since the microblading craze began. 

She as so much wisdom to share in this fantastic episode on how to succeed accidentally in a career you never thought you’d have.

Meet Julia Milin of Brow Design International in The Woodlands

Today we’d like to introduce you to Julia Milin.

Julia, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My story is very unique. I started off as an opera singer, so I am artistically inclined from a very young age. I have traveled the world singing in many different countries. I have always been involved in beauty and health, since my mother brought me up on natural remedies for every from beauty to health.

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