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LipDesign PRO Online Certification Course



This is the ultimate online training course in Permanent Lips!

All students will learn:

3 Different Lip Permanent Makeup Techniques!

  1. Pixelated Ombre Lips
  2. Full Lipstick Matte Lips
  3. Lip Blushing – My signature, no pre-draw, 60 minute blend technique


Also including:

  • Shaping and Symmetry
  • Lip Anatomy
  • Learn how to use different needle configurations
  • Hand and Needle Techniques
  • When to change your speed for different techniques and parts of the lips
  • Choosing the Best Color
  • Color Correction
  • Correcting Shape
  • Secret Facebook Support Group
  • Certificate

Learn the freshest, cutting edge techniques from Europe and Asia.  Julia Anne Milin has extensively traveled the world to bring the best products and techniques to the USA.