10 Business Lessons We Learned From Julia Anne Milin, Founder of Brow Design International

Julia Anne Milin is an opera singer who left the stage to start a successful microblading career. Today’s post is the first of a new monthly series here on the blog: Interviews of successful professionals in the Microblading and Permanent Makeup industry. We’re calling it “Spotlight Success.”

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Check Out My Facial Tattoos…(I mean, microbladed brows..)

When my Grandmother was a young woman, she plucked her eyebrows clean off in order to draw them back in. With a clean swath of skin, she drew them on thinner and sharper, as was the style at the time. But they never grew back. Not a single solitary hair sprouted across her brow, forcing her to draw them in for the rest of her 96 years.

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