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What’s the Difference Between Nano Brows and Microblading?

Nano Brows are becoming the hot new topic in the world of Permanent Brows!  But what are nano brows?  Let’s dive in!

What are Nano Brows?

Nano Brows is the term we use for the most realistic hair-strokes.  Nano Brows are performed with machine to create the most hyper-realistic eyebrows

Nano Brows with Machine Shading

Why are Machine Hairstrokes better than Microblading?

Microblading is performed using a tiny row of needles that resemble a blade.  A Microblading tech will cut the skin into the top layer of the dermis, about 0.5mm into the skin.  If done by an inexperienced artist, it can cause scarring over time.

Nano Brows have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  An article from Elle Magazine explains why.

According to Google Search Trends, you can see the rise of interest in Nano Brows and the decline of interest in Microblading

Search Inquiries for Nano Brows on the rise


Search Results Microblading are on the decline

Search Inquiries for Microblading on the decline


Why should you learn Nano Brows?

Any permanent makeup or microblading artist serious about their career should start learning nano brows.  Transitioning from microblading to nano brows is a difficult journey, and requires hours of study and practice.  As difficult as nano brows are, it is the next step of evolution in permanent eye brow tattooing.  Learning nano brows increases your exposure and trains you to have more discipline to master your craft.  Additionally the techniques mastered with nano brows, prepares you for more artistry, and more options when it comes to creating the vision in your mind for the client’s most natural brows.

I have started offering Nano Brows trainings with live models in New York and Houston.  You can read more about my training here.

Nano Brows Training

Why should clients request Nano Brows?

If you choose an artist that has mastered Nano Brows, you will know that they are serious about their craft.  They have spent thousands of dollars on their education, and hours and hours in the practice studio.  They have taken their career and your face seriously.  They respect the art of tattooing, and are committed to bringing the very best and latest techniques to their practice.

To learn about my Nano Brows treatments, please click the link:

Nano Brows Treatments

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