EyeDesign PRO™ Online


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This is the ultimate training course in Permanent Eyeliner!  Open to Microblading artists wanting to take the next step to learn with the Micropigmentation device or experienced Permanent Makeup Artists.  All students will learn:

  • Shaping and Symmetry
  • Do’s and don’ts of eyeliner
  • Color for eyeliner
  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Anesthetic for eyes
  • Winged eyeliner
  • Lash enhancement
  • Needles for use in eyeliner and proper retention
  • Work on Live Model
  • For PMU and Microblading Artists

Practical:  All Students Work on 1 Model

Course is $500 for the online training

Devices available for purchase

Learn the freshest, cutting edge techniques from Europe and Asia.  Julia Anne Milin has extensively traveled the world to bring the best products and techniques to the USA.