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Tattoo and PMU Removal

The TatXtract method is laser free and works synergistically with the cells for the removal of ink and other toxins associated with the tattoo process. We first begin by needling the tattoo, to break up scar tissue and remind the cells of the tattoo ink.

The area is treated with the patent pending TatXtract Response Serum creating an immune response by stimulating more macrophage (scavenger cell) activity to aid in the removal of ink, foreign matter and scar tissue. A second process of the patent pending TatXtract Ink Binder Mask is applied to create and sustain its own subtle electromagnetic field (negatively charged particles) which have extremely powerful absorption properties attracting to its surface many heavy metals and toxic substances.

This treatment enhances the innate healing process through the means of neutralizing cellular inflammation, reducing immediate erythema and edema purifying the wound by enhancing local oxygen with a high mineral content. The post care application of TatXtract Recover DNA Repair Serum is applied to ensure the best results in ink removal and to prevent scarring and infection. Treatments can be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart and full tattoo removal requires 3-6 treatments on average.


  • Extremely painful (some describe it as hot oil splattering on your skin)

  • Does not remove all colors

  • Not suitable for dark skin

  • High risk for burning or scarring

  • Blast tattoo ink into Nano-particles throughout blood and major organs

  • May take 15 to 20 sessions or failure to remove ink at all

  • Not safe around eyes

  • Can not remove allergic reactions due to tattoo ink

  • Very expensive