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Our Elite Microblading Training Team

Microblading Training at its finest
– Brow Design Microblading Techqnique.

Brow Design International® is the leading company in the USA for the manual permanent makeup. Don’t trust anyone with your face. Cosmetic tattoing requires a great deal of training and an eye for beauty and artistry. Don’t look any further than Brow Design International®.

Microblading Training
Microblading Training

We have a team of the very best manual permanent makeup artists in the USA.
All Brow Design® artists are trained abroad in the most artistic method of permanent makeup


Artistic Director and Founder

Julianna Milin is one of the leading American Masters in the European Eyebrow Microblading Embroidery Technique. She has perfected the art of creating perfect symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, and realistic hairstrokes using the manual needles.

Julia has trained extensively in Asia and Europe and is now proud to bring this new, cutting-edge technique to the United States. She has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, and and Marie Claire Magazine. In the Fall of 2017, Julia will be a presenter in the World Wide Eyebrow Festival, an International conference in The Netherlands.

She is the founder and head of the illustrious Brow Design Academy in the United States, the leading American Academy for Microblading Training.


Elite Trainer

Christina Warden is the founder of Natural Touch Beautification LLC, a microblading studio in York, Pennsylvania. After practicing for several months, Christina made the career boosting decision to attend the Brow Design International® Microblading Course. She has since been gaining increasingly more recognition as an expert Microblading artist.

Christina is currently one of a few Pennsylvanian Microblading artists who have been certified by Brow Design International® and she is the first Brow Design Elite Trainer in the state of Pennsylvania. Clients travel from surrounding areas and from out of state to benefit from her recognized Microblading expertise.

Christina was born and raised in Germany where she has worked as a pharmacy technician for over 13 years before migrating to the United States in 2012. After being a stay-at-home mom and working as a sales associate for several years, she decided to learn the art of Microblading. By practicing this new cutting edge technique, she is finally able to satisfy her artistic calling while helping others gain more confidence in their appearance. This has always been her true passion.


Elite Trainer

Driven by a passion to create beauty from ordinary, Jill has been drawn to the art of makeup her entire life and intently pursued that calling. A lifelong beauty industry professional, Jill began her career as a makeup artist and eventually found her niche with microblading and PMU. She has trained with Brow Design International® and Julia Milin exclusively.

Jill is currently one of very few Microblading/PMU artists in the Midwest trained and certified by Brow Design International®. As a rural artist, she knows firsthand the need for excellent training in specialized high-end services. Her goal is to bring quality training and education to the middle of the country and offer support for other rural artists like herself.

Jill lives in Southeast Missouri and has a suite inside one of the area’s premier med spas. She feels honored to bring cutting edge techniques to local ladies. She prides herself on attention to detail and helping ladies achieve a feeling of confidence and beauty through the art of permanent makeup.


Elite Trainer

Tara has always had a passion for creativity and visual artistry. Tara has a Bachelor’s degree in World Literature and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. She started her professional career as a HS English teacher! After several years, Tara decided to pursue her dream of breaking into the beauty industry. She discovered microblading and spent many hours researching this innovative technique. She was trained in microblading by Brow Design founder Julia Milin. She has since become one of Long Island, NY’s most sought after microblading artists.

Tara has continued training in other pmu techniques and services with top artists from the US. She constantly strives to learn more and stay at the top of the industry. Tara’s background in teaching combined with her passion for microblading made her a natural fit for the Brow Design Training team.


Elite Trainer

Katy Keffer, the top Microblading artist in the Greater Cincinnati area, is a classically trained cosmetologist. Katy’s quest to perfect her craft led her to New York City where she was invited to train at one of Manhattan’s top salons in Soho. While passionate about remaining cutting-edge in her field, her true inspiration comes from customizing her menu of services to fit the unique need of each client. Katy is excited to represent Brow Design International as an elite trainer.

An independent salon owner with over ten years’ experience in the beauty industry, Katy graduated with top-honors from the renowned Aveda Fredric’s Institute and is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Fantasy’ award ranking first in the state of Ohio. When she’s not in her salon, you’ll find Katy on the polo field or tending to one of her several polo ponies.

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