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AUGUST 5, 6, 7, 8 New York City

Suzé Steyl - AMIEA Master from South Africa - Comes to New York for the first time!



$1,100 – Discounts available to students taking 2 or more modules

From 9 am – End of Day

  1. Learn How to Draw Perfect, Natural Lips
  2. Learn How to Apply organic Pigments to Get the Most Beautiful Healed Results
  3. Master 5 Different Lip Techniques:  Lipstick Lips, Pixelated Lips, Full Lips, Soft Lips, Liner Lips
  4. Learning How to Get the Best Saturation
  5. How to Choose a Color
  6. Learn Contouring outline to Finish off Lips Naturally
  7. How to do Contourless Lips with Soft Pixellated Look
  8. How to Get Volume into Lips without Going Outside of Natural Lip Line
  9. How to Correct Bad Micropigmentation on Lips
  10. How to Market your work



$1,100 – Discounts available to students taking 2 or more modules

From 9 am – End of Day

  1. Learn the Difference Between: Classic, Dramatic and Shaded Eyeliner
  2. Master the Art of Doing Perfect Eyeliner
  3. Rules and Fact for Doing Eyeliners
  4. Choosing the Right Needle to Create Different Effects
  5. The Dangers when Doing Eyeliner and How to Avoid Mistakes
  6. Wings and Tails: How to Achieve the Perfect Wing or Tail in Eyeliner
  7. How to get Maximum Saturation
  8. Photography
  9. Social Media and Online Promotion



$1,100 – Discounts available to students taking 2 or more modules

From 9 am – End of Day

  1. Natural Brows
  2. Powder Brows
  3. Hairstroke Brows
  4. Introducing the New Ground Breaking Amiea Nano SLOPE Cartridge – Digital Microblading, create the thinnest hairstrokes in one pass
  5. Working with AMIEA Nano nt needle
  6. Measuring of Eyebrows – Symmetry – How to Perfect the Brow Shape
  7. Choosing the Right Color and Color Corrections
  8. Photography
  9. How to use Social Media Optimally
  10. How to Market your Work



$500 – Discounts available to students taking 2 or more modules

From 9 am – End of Day


Price – $500 – all day starting at 9:00 am

  1. Learn how to use all needles for all devices
  2. Learn how different needle configurations work for different techniques and results
  3. Learn the difference between the round, shader, magnum, bug-pin configurations
  4. Learn the dangers of using certain needles on different skin types
  5. Learn how to decode tattoo needle packaging

Schedule of Masterclass Modules

Beginners are welcome with a fundamentals module from any approved training


All About Lips  AUG 5


All About Brows  AUG 6


All About Eyes  AUG 7


All About Needles  AUG 8


All 4 Days – Lips, Brows, Eyes, Neeldes


Take 2 classes for $2,000
Take 3 Classes for $2700
Take all 4 for $3,100

*Discounts on all AMIEA products if purchased during class

Classes take place in New York’s Glamorous Flatiron District.  Next to Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building.

About Suzé Steyl

Owner and Founder of Cherryink Beauty Group

Behind every remarkable woman, there is a story… And when it comes to Suzé Steyl, her journey is certainly one which has had its fair share of triumph and tragedy.

Her CIDESCO and SAAHSP qualifications in Beauty Technology in 1998 were the launch for the greatness that was to unfold. Since then much of her focus was on PMU where she worked with therapists both locally and abroad.

But…..never satisfied with merely good, Suzé was determined to find the best pigments and machines the world had to offer. After much research and close collaboration, Suze brought amiea pigments and digital micropigmentation devices to South Africa, offering all those in the Permanent Makeup industry, access to what the world has best on offer.

amiea has truly launched Suzé onto the world stage where she has become a well known and sought after person at conferences both locally and internationally. Her passion and enthusiasm always shines through.

She has attended numerous advanced and master classes with world leaders, always keeping abreast of all international trends as well as having conducted training throughout the world sharing the best knowledge the industry has to offer.

Suzé is passionate about the industry and generally shares her knowledge and international skills with fellow technicians. Her vision of creating a company that can be regarded as a world leader, is now being realized.

Her vision does not stop there however, her skill as a PMU technician and a riveting trainer, the amiea name is one to be respected and highly regarded.

Suzé Steyl and Cherryink Beauty Group is blessed to share many success stories, to grow together with fellow technicians and to change lives each and every day.