Suzé Steyl Aesthetic Line

An innovative, best-in-class product range for the micropigmentation industry, developed by industry experts, that will transform how you do permanent makeup, tattooing or related procedures.

Transform your business with our next generation line.


Suzé Steyl Aesthetic Line is comprised of specialized products for the micropigmentation industry that simultaneously focus on skin well-being and obtaining the best results possible. Containing only the purest ingredients, the range includes pre-care, anaesthetic and post-care products that will revolutionise how you do business.

Developed by experts, loved by clients

Using our clinical and practical expertise, we have developed a state-of-the-art product range that allows makeup technicians, tattoo artists and service providers in related industries to ensure ease of care for clients before, during and after procedures.

Our specialized range includes pre-care, anaesthetic and post-care products for permanent makeup application. We use only the purest, high-quality ingredients and natural, non-GMO additives wherever possible.

Suzé Steyl Aesthetic Line:

  • is focused on clients, their comfort and their skin well-being, while simultaneously making technicians’ work easier and ensuring better overall results
  • makes procedures more comfortable and allows for best results
  • enables technicians/artists to work faster and with more focus, ultimately achieving the best look possible
  • is designed to work together, where applicable, but the products can also be used individually

Our products are:

  • developed for all skin types
  • paraben-free
  • cruelty-free
  • customised formulas
  • non-GMO
  • safety tested
  • contain many beneficial and natural ingredients


NUMBINK: Prenumbing.  Numbink is a specially formulated blend that numbs the skin faster than any other product, leading to the best possible results. The active ingredients block the pain sensation on the nerve ends and block the nerve signals in the application area. Technicians can start working after 10 minutes, saving time on the overall procedure.


DURINK: Secondary numbing.  Durink is used for secondary numbing, after Numbink. After the first application, allow 2 minutes for the product to be absorbed. It can be reapplied as needed to keep a client comfortable. The product can be used on the face and body. In an eyeliner procedure, apply it sparsely with a microbrush to prevent it from going into the eyes.


WINKINK: Numbing for eye area.  Winkink has been specifically formulated as anaesthetic for use around the eye area. The product’s consistency allows it to be used on the lash line. It is fast-acting, does not dry the skin and results in better pigment saturation. It numbs the skin faster than any other product, leading to the best possible results.


Anesthetic Packages

Cleaning and Soothing

CLEANINK: Cleaning, refreshing, calming.  Cleanink is an oil-in-water emulsion formulated to provide a cleaning, refreshing and calming effect, reducing redness during micropigmentation procedures. It cleanses the skin without causing friction and penetrates deeply to promote skin repair. This all contributes to much improved permanent makeup results.


CALMINK: Hydrating, calming, soothing.  Calmink helps to greatly soothe sensitized skin during micropigmentation procedures. It can be used on any part of the body, including the face.






REJUVINK: Exfoliating, renewing.  Rejuvink enhances the efficacy of anaesthetic and improves pigment saturation, with skin that will heal more evenly. The product brightens dull skin and leaves it smoother and with less pigmentation. It can be used at home to lighten skin (except the eyes) and on stretchmarks, scar tissue and cracked heels for a smoother look.



WINKINK AFTERCARE: Aftercare for eye area.  Winkink Aftercare was formulated to help with the healing process after eyeliner procedures. The product does not dry the skin and provides a natural barrier to protect it from harmful bacteria. It moisturises the skin, enabling maximum colour retention when the eyeliner is healed. It is anti-inflammatory, strengthens the skin and offers UV protection. It can also heal the skin in the event of rash, sunburn or insect bites.

KISSINK: Lip treatment.  The petroleum in ordinary lip balms tends to dry the skin, so an alternative was needed. Enter Kissink. It can be applied as generously as needed – not just after an aesthetic procedure, but also as a lip treatment for better lip conditioning. It improves overall lip moisture and elasticity, protecting the lips in cold/dry weather. It is anti-inflammatory, strengthens the skin and offers UV protection. It can also heal the skin in the event of rash, sunburn or insect bites.

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“Ever since trying these Suzé Steyl products, I cannot imagine using anything else. My clients never feel any pain and their inflammation is greatly reduced after treatment. Their pigment retention is also greatly improved thanks to the skin hydrating products. I never struggle with cleaning off the pigment during and after procedures either. Bravo to Suzé Steyl! She has made a huge contribution to the PMU industry with her unique product innovations.”

Julia Milin, New York, USA

PMU master educator


“Suzé Steyl products are crazy amazing. Numbink works so fast and Calmink removes redness immediately. The Kissink is a big hit for post-procedure lip care. I am super happy that I discovered this amazing line!”

Darbi Moore, Houston, Texas, USA

PMU technician


“I’ve started using Numbink and Durink and I must say, I’m very impressed. The pre-numbing product, Numbink, works very fast. Within 10 minutes my client’s lips were completely numb. She didn’t feel a thing. During the procedure I applied Durink to keep my client comfortable. It worked very well. Even upon leaving my studio, my client stated that her lips still felt numb. Awesome products!”

Christina Warden, York, Pennsylvania, USA

PMU educator


“Unless I have first-hand experience, I won’t endorse a product or company, but I have been blown away by the efficacy of Calmink. My client and I watched in amazement as her red and inflamed eczema-prone skin soothed before our eyes. I give Calmink a big, 100% thumbs up.”

Debbie Eardley, Johannesburg, South Africa

PMU technician


“The Suzé Steyl range is unbelievable. Clients’ comfort is of utmost importance. Best of all, with this range I know I can guarantee comfort and result.”

Elmari Opperman, Somerset West, South Africa

PMU master educator


“I am so impressed with this product range. It boasts professionalism and is absolutely mind-blowing. The anaesthetics numb the client properly and I’m able to work comfortably.”

Tegan Coetzee, Durban, South Africa

PMU technician