Day of AMIEA – AMIEA Master Suzé Steyl -Sunday October 28, 2018 Houston, Texas


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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Day of Amiea

 FREE – Registration Required —- Refreshments will be served

from 1 pm to 6 pm

  1. Learn the difference between digital, rotary and coil machines
  2. Difference between Microblading and Permanent Makeup
  3. Fashion or fact?  in permanent makeup procedures
  4. How to choose the correct colors
  5. Why organic pigments? Difference between organic and iron-oxide pigments
  6. Which needle to choose?  Learn about the different AMIEA needle configurations for limitless possibilities for PMU
  7. Working on Ethnic Skin
  8. Hygiene and sterilization
  9. Photography, Marketing and social media


About Suzé Steyl

Owner and Founder of Cherryink Beauty Group

Behind every remarkable woman, there is a story… And when it comes to Suzé Steyl, her journey is certainly one which has had its fair share of triumph and tragedy.

Her CIDESCO and SAAHSP qualifications in Beauty Technology in 1998 were the launch for the greatness that was to unfold. Since then much of her focus was on PMU where she worked with therapists both locally and abroad.

But…..never satisfied with merely good, Suze was determined to find the best pigments and machines the world had to offer. After much research and close collaboration, Suze brought amiea pigments and digital micropigmentation devices to South Africa, offering all those in the Permanent Makeup industry, access to what the world has best on offer.

amiea has truly launched Suze’ onto the world stage where she has become a well known and sought after person at conferences both locally and internationally. Her passion and enthusiasm always shines through.

She has attended numerous advanced and master classes with world leaders, always keeping abreast of all international trends as well as having conducted training throughout the world sharing the best knowledge the industry has to offer.

Suze’ is passionate about the industry and generally shares her knowledge and international skills with fellow technicians. Her vision of creating a company that can be regarded as a world leader, is now being realized.

Her vision does not stop there however, her skill as a PMU technician and a riveting trainer, the amiea name is one to be respected and highly regarded.

Suze’ Steyl and Cherryink Beauty Group is blessed to share many success stories, to grow together with fellow technicians and to change lives each and every day.