Brow Design® Microblading Fundamentals Course® Houston July 19-20 2019


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with Julia Anne Milin

Brow Design Academy® Microblading Fundamentals® course is the leading American company for Microblading certification.

Brow Design® Microblading Fundamentals® Course
2-Day Live Training, plus Pre-Course Training, and Extensive Online Course

Get on the Map!! Brow Design International® Microblading Fundamentals™ course prepares the future of Microblading.

*Professional Starter Kit

*6 months access to the Brow Design Online™ Course

*6 months support in private forum

*Opportunity to get noticed by thousands of clients seeking qualified Microblading artists with the Brow Design Directory.

*Manual Shading Education
*4 Most Common Brow Patterns
*Golden Ratio Shaping Technique
*Color Theory: How to Choose the Correct Color for your Client
*Anesthetic Education
*6 months access to the Brow Design Online Course
*Individual Support for the entire duration of the course
*Opportunity to get noticed by thousands of clients seeking qualified Microblading artists with the Brow Design Directory

Also included in our Microblading Fundamentals® Course is thorough education on:
-Safety and Sanitation 
-Medications, Medical Conditions, and Contraindications
-Skin Conditions: Scars, Diseases, Contraindications, Difficult Skin Types
-Conversation with the Client: Consultation, Before and After Treatment
-Brow Shaping
-Identifying and Drawing Basic Pattern Hairstrokes
-Explanation of Different Needles

-Dos and Don’ts of Microblading: How to Identify and Avoid Bad Microblading Work
-Basic Tattoo Removal Theory*
*theory only, no practical

This certification process starts with 11 levels ending with the final healed result – the true test of your skills as a microblading artist! During this process, you will be working directly with your instructor on your microblading work and corrections, ensuring that you meet the highest standards possible at each level. At Brow Design®, our motto is The 4 P’s: Practice, Patience, Passion, and Perseverance. Our curriculum has proven time and again to produce phenomenal artistry, and our Master Trainers have been hand-picked to represent Brow Design® because of their talent, ethics, dedication to the student’s success. If you choose Brow Design®, know that you are choosing the highest quality for your training. After all, Brow Design International® IS the leading company in the USA for microblading training! 

Brow Design Microblading Academy has proudly extended certifications to a variety of top Microblading professionals throughout the nation, many who have built a solid name for themselves, while managing a successfully lucrative career and prosperous lifestyle

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