AMIEA Talents – New York City August 10th 2019


Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item



The Championship is open for every artist, who is already working with any amiea device. Judges of national amiea talents competition are excluded of participation in the amiea national championships. Amiea international trainers (Category Master or Junior) are also excluded to participate in the championship.

The championships will be performed in two separated categories and will take place on the same day in the competition venue or in two days, according to organization possibilities.

For both categories the topic will be:

Performing permanent make-up treatments on live models and create a glamorous look

“amiea goes glam”


First Category: amiea New Talents

Championship on live models

Under 3 years experience

Micropigmentation treatments

• Eyebrow Hair stroke natural look

• Full lips shading lipstick effect


Second Category: amiea Supreme Masters

Championship on Live Models

More than 3 years experience

Micropigmentation treatments

• Eyebrows mixed technique: hairstrokes + gradient shading.

• Full lips micropigmentation nude effect (natural look).



The winners of both categories will be the participants in the final competition to be held on 19TH October in Berlin.

Amiea will cover for winners of national competitions (both categories) following

• Summit fee (around 1.200 €), taking place in October

• Championship fee (300 €)

• 3 nights accommodation

• Gala Dinner

There will be a second and third prize in each category for second and third place winners in the competition

If you have any questions about the competition, kindly email us at

or call (212) 518-3754

We can’t wait to see you there!