AMIEA Organic Eyebrow Starter Kit


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5 Organic Pigments to get you started with the AMIEA Organic Line

Why use the AMIEA Organic Line?

  1. Heals true to color – no grey or red
  2. Perfect for Microblading – Crisp healed strokes!
  3. Perfect for Nano-shading and Ombre Shading
  4. No iron oxides
  5. Nickel Free
  6. Carefully sourced raw materials
  7. Made in Germany
  8. Adheres to strict EU Standards
  9. Tested for purity and safety
  10. Cruelty Free

The AMIEA Organic Eyebrows Starter Kit contains:

Marsala:  A warm blonde color.  Perfect for lighter skin and blondes

Chestnut:  Warm, medium-brown.  Used for light to medium skin, perfect for redheads or warm brown hair.  A beautiful warm brown

Persian Horse:  Used to warm up darker pigments like Amazon and Geisha.  Can also be used for redheads.

Amazon:  A beautiful medium dark-brown color.  Perfect for light and dark skin.  Mix with Persian Horse for a warmer brown

Geisha:  Dark-Brown, Black pigment.  Perfect for dark brown to black hair.  Use on all skin types.  Mix with Persian Horse for a warmer effect.  Perfect for Fitzpatrick 5-6 – mix with Persian Horse