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Book a Free Zoom Consultation with Julianna Milin

Meet Julianna Milin, a renowned expert in the field of Permanent Makeup, Nano Brows, and Permanent Makeup Corrections. Julianna’s exceptional skills and innovative techniques have not only earned her features on prestigious platforms like Good Morning America and Marie Claire Magazine but also positioned her as an international authority in her field. As a sought-after trainer and speaker, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise worldwide, empowering others in the industry to reach their highest potential. Experience the transformative power of Permanent Makeup with Julianna Milin, and discover why she’s revered as one of the best in the business.”

Julianna is taking clients full-time in her studio in The Woodlands, Texas, where she will transform your look with her signature, natural look.  She is also a specialist in PMU removals, and corrections.  Book a free online consultation today!

Julianna Milin has been featured on Good Morning America and Marie Claire Magazine for her exceptional work in the field of permanent makeup