Cherry Ink Products for Professional Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Procedures


For use in Permanent Makeup, Microneedling, Laser Treatments, Tattoo Removal, Plasma Therapy, Injections, or any other pain-sensitive treatments


NumbInk:  For use on intact skin as a primary anesthetic on Brows, Lips, Face, and Body.  Not for use on eyes.

DurInk:  For use on open skin as a secondary anesthetic

WinkInk:   Special formulation for use in numbing the eyes before treatment

CleanInk:  For use in cleaning the skin during PMU and Cosmetic Treatments

KissInk:  Aftercare balm for lip micropigmentation

CalmInk:  Used to calm the skin of inflammation during PMU and cosmetic treatments

RejuvInk:  15% Glycolic Acid derived from fruits.  Formulated to remove any dead skin cells prior to a procedure.