Julia Anne Milin

One of the leading American Masters in the European Eyebrow Microblading Embroidery Technique. Julia has perfected the art of creating perfect symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, and realistic hairstrokes using the manual needles.

Julia has trained extensively in Asia and Europe and is now proud to bring this new, cutting-edge technique to the United States.

She is the founder and head of the illustrious Brow Design Academy® in the United States, the leading American Academy for Microblading Training.

“Named New York’s Microblading Guru by ABC’s Good Morning America
and Marie Claire Magazine”

Julia Anne Milin lives the mission of Brow Design International. She is a natural-born artistic soul with the internal instinct to innovate.

As a native New Yorker, Julia Anne grew up well-rounded, with an eclectic outlook on life. Born as the only child to an American Mother and a Father of Croatian decent, her childhood was spent between both New York City and Houston, Texas. Julia Anne’s artistic intuition began to develop at a very young age. Her desire to create quickly awakened early traits of what she would soon discover extraordinary talents. She began to acquire a strong taste for music, and a prodigious passion for the violin. It didn’t take long before her voice began to develop into a dynamic instrument, attracting the attention of many. Considering she had been studying classical music and opera for a majority of her teenage years, she decided to audition for the FAME High School of Performing Arts. Naturally, she was accepted. Julia Anne had a very different set of priorities than most of the other girls her age. Her taste in high-fashion and beauty began to align with her passions, and she started to develop her own eclectic style; always putting on the best quality makeup and skincare products.

As Julia Anne’s classical music career progressed, her opera voice-trainers began to also take on a self-proclaimed role as managers. They made consistent efforts to alter her current image to fit what they had envisioned as what society wanted her to portray as. Almost naturally, Julia Anne began to rebel against these demands and expectations. After graduating from Indiana University, the country’s most notable musical conservatory, she decided to leave the opera world for hard rock/pop where she felt relief by feeding into to her wild side. She later delved back into her love of opera, except now she had carried over a different tone that showcased some of the harder influences she had acquired. The new vibe she was experiencing prompted her to produce a fresh new sound that would influence her future creative style. Even as an early performer, Julia Anne was always looking for ways to re-invent herself. She always trusted her intuition, and led life with an open-mind. To this day, the power of song, and the essence of the opera are essential parts of the entire picture that make up Julia Anne Milin. Permanent makeup was something she discovered at a later time, which she describes as an “obsession lying dormant” until the one-day she picked up her first pair of microblading needles. Her skills in permanent makeup were born from her desire to remain independent, while continuing to pursue her career and maintain the difficulties of the early lifestyle of a developing artist. With an extremely hectic schedule filled with auditions, voice lessons, rehearsals, and schooling it became more difficult for her to make ends meet. Willing to work various part-time odd jobs, in addition to her regular gigs bartending and waitressing, Julia Anne decided a long time ago that she was going to accomplish her goals, no matter what it took.

After performing at a concert in New Zealand, she decided to travel back home to New York City to visit her family. One evening, while sitting at the kitchen table with her mother, Julia Anne noticed that her mother had been practicing with these tiny blades drawing eyebrows on a piece of latex (“skin”). Naturally a little disturbed, she asked her mother what she was doing. Her mother then began to explain that she had been taking these new “microblading” classes, which she had heard of from a friend. It turns out she had signed up for the classes on a whim, and wanted to check it out. Her mother was always into beauty, and keeping herself abreast of new products or procedures had always been a hobby. She then went on to show Julia Anne her microblading kit, along with some of the practice stencils that she mentioned she had been having some difficulty with shaping. Julia Anne watched for a few minutes as her mother made yet another attempt to perfect her homework assignment. Eager to help, she gripped her mother’s hand in the midst of her drawing, took hold of the pencil, and with an instinctive confidence and said, “let me try…I got this”.

Little did Julia Anne know that just two years later, she would become one of the nation’s most widely respected microblading artists. Known for her cutting-edge artistry and one-of-a-kind techniques, Julia Anne Milin continues to set the bar within the microblading realm of the beauty industry. Her distinctive precision and innovational procedures are notably praised throughout the tristate area, where she is labeled as the pioneer of microblading. Being the first microblading clinical offices to open within the Manhattan (and overall tristate area), Brow Design International is recognized as the sole entity responsible for putting this new state-of-the-art procedure on the map. Since the birth of Brow Design International, and later Brow Design Microblading Academy, Julia Anne continues to shape the future of microblading techniques as she consistently reinvents her craft, while simultaneously magnifying the industry standards.

Appearances and Mentions

  • Guest Speaker at the first Tebori Permanent Makeup Conference in the U.K.
  • Featured Master Artist at the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America
  • Guest Artist at The Red Carpet Beauty Lounge at the 2017 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles
  • Featured in New York Magazine
  • Featured in Big City Magazine

Brow Design International®

Since the official launch of the company in the Summer of 2015, Brow Design International has undeniably held the reputation of remaining the leading American company for manual permanent makeup; most-respected for the specialization of eyebrow microblading procedures. Founded by Julia Anne Milin, a nationally acclaimed PMU Artist and Beauty Influencer, the core mission of Brow Design is to discover and embrace the ‘internal’ characteristics of the client. A seemingly contradictory point-of-view, considering this is an industry solely focused on ‘external beauty’ factors. According to Julia Anne Milin, your mission is accomplished when you have given a client something extraordinary that they never imagined would become a reality…such as a custom authentic new pair of eyebrows! Julia Anne Milin describes her work as the product of “what should have been”. She applies this theory as the foundation of her practice, and has never failed to consistently deliver an end-result that perfectly mirror’s the client’s absolute vision of their best-self.

Brow Design International firmly maintains its distinction as the frontrunner of microblading procedures throughout New York City, and the remaining tri state area. Aside from being one of the first microblading clinics in Manhattan, Brow Design continues to challenge the standard “cookie-cutter” or “stencil” microblading techniques that are now widespread throughout the cosmetic world. Although still considered a fairly new technique on the market, microblading is slowly but surely working its way into becoming a mainstreamed systematic beauty routine; comparable to laser hair removal or microdermabrasion. So, why choose Brow Design? There is no secret to the golden rule we maintain. As true artists, we embrace the instinctive innovation that enables us to influence the experts of tomorrow. Having the ability to shape our trainers and estheticians was the essential initiative in the development of our own internal Certification Program. At Brow Design International Microblading Academy, the main objective is to extend our savoir-faire legacy to the certain individuals that we believe to possess certain levels of potential that is yearning to be evoked. Brow Design Microblading Academy has proudly extended certifications to a variety of top microblading professionals throughout the nation, many who have built a solid name for themselves, while managing a successfully lucrative career and prosperous lifestyle.

What continues to keep Brow Design at the forefront of the industry? Brow Design is beauty innovation. Aside from the extensive levels of experience practicing microblading procedures before the method was even introduced into the US market, Brow Design is responsible for creating cutting-edge techniques and skill advancements that continue to shape the future of eyebrow microblading. Deception is the underlying concept beneath every hand-drawn brush stroke, displaying an unmistakable reality that continues to captivate the outside world. We only take on the already gifted, and help them sharpen their tools. Brow Design International certified artists are those with a dominant level of expertise and a solid vision of impeccable precision who are born to create. Our work is the voice that continues to speak the message of Brow Design International.

The Brow Design International® Method

We start off the procedure with color matching. We will then shape your brows using the Golden Ratio Technique. The Golden Ratio, also known as The Golden Mean, is the numerical ratio of the sum of two parts that equal the larger of the two quantities. This ratio equals 1.618, and has been used throughout history by such design masters as: Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pythagoras. This ratio is considered to be aesthetically beautiful in nature, art, and architecture.

We use your face’s natural shape, hair growth, and bone structure to design a perfectly placed brow. Once I have drawn the shape of your new brows on both the left and right side with a brow pencil, I will show you my design. We will work together to make the shape exactly what you want. If you want a thicker or thinner design, I will work with you to achieve the desired shape.

I use a topical numbing agent to reduce any discomfort that comes with the procedure. Once the skin is ready, I will go to work on applying the Microblading Technique.

The entire process takes 60 to 90 minutes, but can take up to 3 hours depending on skin type, correction of shape, and symmetry.

The art of eyebrow permanent make-up is a process, the follow-up appointment is necessary to perfect your brows after initial treatment.

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